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Roblynís Neck: Come home to great history and great hunting.

It all starts with the history of the land. Roblyn's Neck was named for Peter Roblyn, who received a land grant from the British Crown in 1741. But the history goes back much farther than that. Millions of years ago, ancient seas covered South Carolinaís Coastal Plain, laying down muds, silts, sands, and other marine material. As the seas receded, they left behind a relatively flat, gently sloping land. The Great Pee Dee River flows through this land, winding 197 miles from the North Carolina line to the Atlantic Ocean and cradling the 14,000 acres of Roblyn's Neck Trophy Club. The fertile soil of Roblynís Neck supports a great diversity of vegetation, while the river-bottom habitat sustains an abundance of wildlife, including what is possibly the largest and oldest whitetail deer population in the South.

The history of hunting at Roblynís Neck is just as rich as its geologic history. Organized as a private club in the 1930s, Roblynís Neck gave employees of the Coxe family business access to deer, turkey, hog, squirrel and rabbit. In 1986, Campbell Coxe, the current owner of the property, implemented an intense Quality Deer Management Program and introduced innovative hunting practices, such as doe-only harvesting to optimize the buck-to-doe ratio. Ten years later, when Roblynís Neck went commercial, opening its gates to public hunting, guests were amazed at the quality of deer available. Over the years, many of our guests have taken trophy-class whitetails from our herds.

The quality of the hunting experience at Roblynís Neck is rivaled only by the quality of our staff and accommodations. Our mission is to build and sustain long-term relationships with quality sportsmen from across the nation by providing safe and successful hunts, satisfying Southern meals, and clean, comfortable lodging. The courteous and capable guides at Roblynís Neck are key to this. They are dedicated to serving you in any way they can, whether choosing a stand, calling a turkey, or scouting a hog.

So start planning your trip to Roblynís Neck Trophy Club today. And discover some of the richest history ó and best hunting ó South Carolina has to offer.