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Quality Deer Management for the highest quality deer-hunting experience.

At Roblyn’s Neck, we’ve adhered to Quality Deer Management practices from our inception. Working with South Carolina state biologists, we helped pioneer the management approach, widely accepted today, that combines the protection of young bucks with an adequate harvest of female deer to maintain a healthy population. We also understand how the density of deer in an area affects the quality of the animals. The deer density at Roblyn’s Neck is 40-45 animals per square mile, resulting in better quality animals because natural food availability and nutritional quality is higher. It also helps that our property — more than 14,000 acres dedicated to hunting — provides a range of habitats that deer find attractive.

Our guides understand all of this. They know the land, and they know the behavior of the herd that lives there. Whether you’re hunting with bow or rifle, they will help you every step of the way to make sure you have a successful hunt. Under their guidance, many of our guests have taken trophy-class bucks.

One-, Two- and Three-Day Hunts

September 1–January 1
Bow-only season runs August 15–31
Roblyn’s Neck offers every conceivable still-hunting opportunity. Because of this, we suggest our guests come ready to hunt for at least three days. One- and two-day hunts are also available.

Package price: $550 per day; $1,600 for three days*

  • Rules and restrictions:
  • 15” outside spread minimum on all bucks
  • Fine: $100 per 1/2 inch on all bucks under 15”
  • Limit one mature buck per three-day hunt and one mature doe per day
  • Doe tags available after September 15

* Pricing subject to change

Call us about discounts for groups of 12 or more!


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