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April is turkey time at Roblyn’s Neck Trophy Club.

The wild turkey is South Carolina’s official State Wild Game Bird for good reason. Their wariness, combined with their keen eyesight and hearing, make them an exciting challenge. Luckily, these birds have made a great comeback throughout their range. In fact, Roblyn's Neck was one of the original restocking sights chosen by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources back in the 1970s, and we now have hundreds of longbeards on the club property. They are so responsive to the call that our hunters often work several different gobblers at the same time.

One-, Two- and Three-Day Hunts

April 1–April 31 
Come turkey hunting at Roblyn’s Neck and enjoy a truly special time of year in the woods. We offer both fully guided and semi-guided turkey hunts. You can count on our management and staff to provide you with the ultimate turkey-hunting experience.

Package price (guided hunt): $550 per day; $1,600 for three days*

Package price (semi-guided hunt): $450 per day; $1,300 for three days*

Rules and restrictions:
• Limit two birds (one bird for one-day hunts)
• Mature gobblers only

* Pricing subject to change


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