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Small-game hunting at Roblynís Neck is big on satisfaction.

Every hunter yearns for a trophy buck, but small-game hunting has its own rewards. First, small-game species, under much less pressure than deer, are more plentiful. Numbers from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources bear this out. According to the SCDNR, 134,750 hunters hunted deer during the 2006 season compared to only 90,000 hunters that went after small game.

Beyond the numbers, small-game hunting can be action-packed and exciting. Itís a great opportunity to get down out of the stand, walk the land and take aim at a fast-moving target. And if youíre up to the challenge, Roblynís Neck has more than 14,000 acres of land that support the stateís most sought-after small game, including rabbits, squirrels and raccoons.

If youíre interested in learning more about hunting small game at Roblynís Neck, please call for information and rates.


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