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Wild hogs can be a wild adventure at Roblynís Neck.

Few things can rival a still-hunt for the elusive wild boar. The sight of a ridged back and gleaming tusks moving through the underbrush can really get the blood pumping. And at Roblynís Neck, we have black, brown, and red feral hogs ranging up to 700 lbs. Many wild hogs harvested on our property are taken incidental to deer hunting. That is, our fall deer hunters are allowed to harvest hogs. But if your goal is to go specifically after these white-tusked monsters, come to Roblynís Neck from January 10th through March 10th.  Our official hog season is sure to deliver an exciting adventure and some of the best meat in the woods!

One-, Two- and Three-Day Hunts

January 10ĖMarch 10
Extend your big-game season by setting your sights on one of our wild boars. Roblynís Neck has 14,000 acres of prime hunting land filled with black, brown, and red feral hogs.

Package price: Friday-Saterday $475 per day; $1,275 for three days*

Monday-Thursday $350 per day; $1000 for three days*

* Pricing subject to change
Call about our weekday special


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